Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Plays, 6th graders and McDonald's!

In November, I received a flyer for Chamber Theater Company's productions of "The Raven", "Tell Tale Heart", "Monkey's Paw", "The Necklace","Legend of Sleepy Hollow", and "The Jumping Frogs of Calaveras County" in the mail. I knew my group of Pre-AP Language students would love to see this! I knew some of these students maybe haven't had the opportunity to see a play or even get out of Pine Bluff, so I began preparing for the field trip that was MONTHS later. The field trip was approved, tickets paid for and permission slips were returned. We prepared by reading almost all of the plays before hand or discussing them briefly. The kids at least now had a general idea of what to expect and were super excited. Finally, April 20th arrived, and we were ready to go. Unfortunately, it was the beginning of the immense healthy amounts of rain that Arkansas was getting, so it started very dreary. I am proud to say that my students looked nice and their behavior matched how well they dressed. They had a great time and everything went very smoothly. Jeff was able to meet us for lunch since he works right down the road and when I introduced him, (brace yourself) THE KIDS APPLAUDED HIM! Yes, they applauded him. For that moment, he felt important I'm sure. It was such a wonderful trip and during our debriefing afterwards, I could really tell that they had really learned something. I can't wait to take my next trip!

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