Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Turkey Day '09

Thanksgiving was again chaotic like it is every year but this year Jeff didn't have to rush back for "Black Friday" We were able to relax and visit with family. Parker had actually left the Friday before to stay with my parents and my aunt until we were able to come down Wednesday. I was missing her terribly and so ready to see her. The longest we have been apart in a good while. We visited my family first and had Thanksgiving Thursday with the entire family. It was really nice to see everyone. Unfortunately, Heather had to get up and work on Friday so it was short lived. Jeff and I loaded up on Friday and headed to Conway to visit Jeff's family. We missed Thanksgiving with everyone but we were able to see almost everyone on Saturday while we watched the Hog's game at Uncle Jon's and Aunt Julie's house. We had a GREAT time and it was so wonderful to see everyone. Parker had a blast playing with Abbi, Anna, Allison and Kaki. She can't wait to see you all again! Sadly, we had to load up and come back home Sunday. It was great to be home but we look forward to seeing everyone again on Christmas! Ho! Ho! Ho! Sorry to disappoint but I didn't take a single picture the entire trip!

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