Sunday, February 1, 2009

Ice Storm

Wow! What an awful week it has been. Small re-cap and I'll post some pictures soon but they aren't actually of our house but around Fayetteville.
Monday- I had to leave work pretty early due to the ice falling and we tried to stock up on batteries and things like that. We still weren't convinced anything was going to go down.
Tuesday- Ice is everywhere and we lose power around 1 pm. We don't have any back up heat so we scramble to make a decision about where to stay. We hurry and get a reservation to a hotel and go there for the night. We hoped and prayed that our power would be on the next day so silly us, we didn't reserve for another night until it was too late. What do we do??!!! After a lot of debate, we packed up and tried to roads to Conway.
Wednesday until now- We have been in Conway with heat and internet! I'm still not sure if we have power or not at home but a friend has been checking for us. As of last night, 86 % of Swepco users did have electricity so hopefully we are included in that!
I'm worried about our animals though. The first night, they both stayed without heat but they made it out alive but since then the cat has been home alone with no heat. Pray that he is still alive. Coco was rescued by a friend because she would for sure freeze to death.

I'm really looking forward to replacing tons of groceries that we had just purchased last Saturday!!! So much wasted. I'm going to continue to pray for those who are still out of power and won't receive it for a while and those people who lost their lives trying to help us out during the ice storm.

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