Saturday, June 14, 2008

15 months

Parker turned 15 months on Thursday. I can't believe she is already 15 months old! I'm not for sure on her weight, height, etc. just yet. We see the doctor on Tuesday. We also have to get a couple of shots that weren't available at her year check up, yuck! She has grown so much and she continues to grow daily. I am amazed at the new things she can do everyday. Right now she can walk, run and climb onto everything. She is saying so many things. They are hard to understand but I know what she is saying. She loves to repeat almost everything we tell her. Her favorite is to tell us to "sit down". Yes, she hears that phrase a lot. I won't list all of the words but her vocabulary is really expanding. She "attempts" to count for me. It is very precious and she is really trying to get the hang of it. She is sleeping entire nights, thank goodness. I don't know how I managed before with her not sleeping while working and taking care of house stuff. She goes to bed around 8:30 or 9:00 and for the most part will sleep until around 7:30. She is usually consistent with her sleeping. She can almost eat anything now, which is great. She has five teeth and hopefully some more coming in. Two on the top and three on the bottom. So hopefully after Tuesday, I can give some better information on how much she has really grown. I can hardly believe it!

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