Saturday, February 23, 2008

The Good and Bad

Well, the good news is that Parker is growing like a weed and doing so wonderful. As you can tell by the video, she is walking and getting better everyday. She is eating everything in sight and is taking less and less bottles each day. If we could only go to bed without a bottle!! We will find out all of her measurements on March 12, when we go for her one year check up. I'm excited to see how much she has grown.

The bad is that this Friday, we are taking her to have tubes put in her ears. :( She has had chronic ear infections for the past four months or so and it was suggested that we do the procedure. She isn't sleeping well and seems to stay ill which isn't good on any of us. So we decided to do it and hope that it would turn out well. Hopefully all of the ailments will go away and we can return to normal!!

Other than that, she is about to turn one and I'm so excited and can hardly believe that a year has already come and gone. I can't wait for some more. I also thought I post a couple more pictures of Parker. I'm a little behind on everything.

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