Sunday, December 2, 2007

Giving Thanks

We, well mainly me, were all over the place for Thanksgiving this year. My first year to try and balance going to see all of the families. First, we went to Conway to see Jeff's parents and siblings. We had a great time seeing everyone. Parker loves seeing her grandparents and all of her cousins. She tried a few different foods while she was there and she loved the yams and dressing. She had a little jello too but that was about all we would venture to. I didn't take many pictures while I was there since I forget I have my camera most of the time. I did take two and they were while she was eating. Jeff decided to have a little fun with her hair.

Giving a good pose

After returning from Conway, I got up the next day and drove to DeQueen to have Thanksgiving with my family. Everyone was happy to see Parker and I was happy to get a little break while everyone played with her. They haven't seen her since she has started crawling and sporting two bottom teeth. I was sad to leave but we will be back there for Christmas. I did take a few more pictures of her in DeQueen.

Parker loved playing with Brian's dog, Dixie

Parker's hair is finally long enough to have a barrette in it

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