Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Oh, Hello there, blog....

While reading and catching up on a good friend's blog, I decided maybe I should update my blog. I used to be decent at keeping it updated, but then kid number 2 came along and it has been quite a challenge. Maybe while I'm home for the summer I can blog a bit. SO many things have been going on with our lives that I have ZERO clue where to even begin. Parker finished Kindergarten with a breeze and is so ready to start 1st grade. She absolutely loved her teacher, Mrs. Garcia, and the fact that she can ride the little bus to my school everyday, which is also very awesome. She had high marks in every area and seemed to be right on track or even a little ahead in all areas. She LOVES reading and LOVES to write. She is constantly writing some type of story about things going on. Love that little nugget.

Here she is on the last day of school, which was actually spent at my school since all of my students were gone. She had a blast just running a muck at the "big kid school". 
Another big thing happening with Parker is that she is losing her teeth! She has been dying to lose her teeth all year long and right before school was out, she lost her first tooth. She mentioned that it was kind of loose and I thought she was over-exaggerating but once I pulled on it, it was crazy loose. That night she let Jeff tug a little bit and pull it out, which I was super shocked at. I of course teared up seeing my baby girl losing her teeth. Lame, I know.  Maybe a week or so later she pulled the other bottom tooth out and she was just as pumped!(Side note: for some reason she feels the need to make the scariest faces while showing off her missing teeth. Kids)
This time last year I was getting used to having two kids and caring for a very teeny little baby girl. She is now 13 months and ALL OVER THE PLACE. She still isn't walking but like everything else with her, it is going to happen on her own time. She is in no rush to get anything done. I find myself comparing Caroline and Parker, which I shouldn't but you can't help it, right? Parker did things really quick and Caroline is just along for the ride. She is SUCH a joy. I can't even express. She is always in such a great mood, is very loving and is an EXCELLENT sleeper and eater. She can never get enough of either and who doesn't love that? My two girls are as opposite as you can get but are truly a blessing. 

As for myself, I'm enjoying summer break with the girls and trying to keep them busy while keeping my insanity. Since February I have really been running, which I am so happy I decided to do. Two friends from work and myself started the couch to 5K program as our New Year's Resolution in January and really stuck to it. We all did our first 5K in February. I did the Little Rock Marathon 5K and surprised myself on how well I did in the 30 degree weather, which I miss right now. I continued running and have since done seven 5k's. I recently ran the Brickfest 5K in Malvenr which I got a sweet brick for. Not cool? Well, I think it is. I really challenged myself in April by running the 10K at Toad Suck with Jeff, who is like an awesome runner if you can believe that. Got 3rd in his age division at Brickfest. Its nice to have something to do together and accomplish some goals along the way. Next goal for me this fall will be the half marathon. Just have to find some runner partners. Running alone can sure get boring. Any takers???